Italy - DSLR Magic Lantern vs. Picture Profile //.

I figured I would do a quick blog post, i'm heading to Italy tomorrow for a couple days to accompany my photographer girlfriend on a wedding. Lucky me gets to enjoy some of the perks however as a pro bono for the couple i've had to negotiate a small wedding video for them. I tend to stay away from these but couldn't really resist the urge to film some of the landscapes just outside of Pisa. 

I would usually take my RED however sometimes you have to go for what will work best. I got my hands on a 6D and tried for most of the day to figure out how I can pull the best results out of it without a budget. My conclusion has pretty much come down to picture profiles vs magic lantern. 

Magic Lantern has been around for a while and from the brief articles i've read I developed an a bit of an expectation from it. The features are awesome and it definitely helps by providing the tools I need to make sure my exposure is on point without needing to buy any extra accessories like a monitor hood or attachable viewfinder. My let down definitely came when I started to play with the RAW modules. I knew it would be intense on the DSLR but not to the point where it's functionally is really constrained. I have a pretty quick SD card at 633x speed or 94mb/s however even though magic lantern says I can film at a resolution just below 1920x1080 I get approx 3 seconds before it skips a frame. Reducing the resolution gets me more seconds but the most I can get out is about 40 seconds, not completely unusable for a wedding but the catch is that at that low resolution it crops the sensor. 

I figured I would jump back on to looking at picture profiles. I had a 7D years ago and it doesn't seem much has changed in this area. For the most part cinestyle, prolost and marvels cine are still the most talked about. I think marvels has dropped off the board, cinestyle is the technical choice and prolost is on the run. I really hoped I could find a real improvement but at the end of the day you're still stuck in an 8-bit color depth and a limited bit rate. 

Since it's a wedding and i'm really just doing it for the fun of it, i'll run with cinestyle and focus my attention on some of the other filmmaking conventions - composition, people and story. 

I was fortunately in Italy not to long ago and this is what I got from just using a faithful picture profile, which is a big reason i'm not running over and grabbing some super fast SD cards. These are pretty low screengrabs from the DaVinci resolve preview window, i'll update these later when I export the files.